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had the opportunity to visit the stunning new beauty bar in Richmond, Va, Sugar + Hive. I decided to get a lash lift and tint because recently I’ve noticed that my lashes aren’t nearly as WOW as they used to be. I expected that with age I’d maybe get a few gray hairs, but I had no idea that my eyelashes would start to become sparse! Where was this in the “adulting” handbook??? Anyways, I had contemplated getting false eyelashes to achieve the look I was used to, but after a lot of research realized how terrible it is for you. With stress and aging comes reduced lash strength and longevity, with false eyelashes comes lashes that simply fall out. I’ll take a hard pass on the no eyelashes look! Instead, I decided to get a lash lift and tint with my friends over at Sugar + Hive Beauty Bar. I’m doing a full review of my experience and the results below!


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The Beauty Bar – Let me start by saying how gorgeous this place is. They have it all figured out. It’s all in the details! From the light, and airy atmosphere to the fruit infused water and fresh blooms everything is done to perfection. The staff was super accommodating and so sweet to me and my hubby who captured these pics for me!

Lash Lift – The lash lift starts with protective eye pads that are meant to cover and hold down your bottom lashes during the service. This is to keep your lower lashes from lifting with the top – definitely key! Can you imagine getting your bottom lashes lifted up, um no thanks. It was a bit uncomfortable for me because my lower lash line is so sensitive. It took me back to dance recital days when my mom would do my lower lash mascara and I would squirm like a fish out of water. Then more protective eye pads are put on your eyelids to keep them safe from the products. Once we got those on it was pretty much smooth sailing from there. The esthetician used a series of different solutions on my lashes along with some tools to set the curl. It was painless, but very strange feeling at first. After a while it even became a bit relaxing. It was almost like having weighted blankets on my eyes for 30 minutes. Once that was done and I got my eyes back I felt like a new person, but the service wasn’t done yet because we still had the tint to go.

Lash Tint – Next up was the lash tint, which included lash botox (ooo fancy!). This felt like nothing more than someone lightly painting my lashes and this part was much faster than the lift. Once the pigment and botox were complete, we used a handheld fan to dry the solution. I could have sat there all day this part felt so good!


Once the service was complete, I immediately noticed a difference in the fullness, darkness, and curliness of my lashes. I was really pleased with the initial results and then the esthetician told me that I would really notice the difference in the morning once everything had time to set. When I woke up the next morning I was like “Who is that?!” my lashes looked even fuller, darker, and longer than they did the day before! I was stunned. I chose not to wear mascara the day after because you’re technically not supposed to apply water or product to your lashes until 24 hours have passed. I typically wear a hefty helping of mascara, so when I got to work without any on I was fully expecting the obligatory “Are you okay?” and “You look tired” comments. I was shocked when not a single person said anything about me “looking different.” It was a freaking miracle! Even still I couldn’t wait to put mascara on to see what they would look like with it on. I was so happy with the results! The biggest difference was in the volume and length of my lashes. It was like I grew lashes overnight! But don’t just take my word for it, see for yourself!



I could not be happier with my experience and results. Thank you Sugar + Hive and owner, Summer (pictured below) for giving my lashes the love they needed!


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