Felix Gray Review – Do These Glasses Work?

I first heard about Felix Grays through an Instagram ad funny enough. That Instagram algorithm has the magic sauce because I’m tempted by almost every single ad that pops up on my feed. This one in particular highlighted that Felix Gray glasses are made for people who sit at computer screens all day. Long story short I ended up purchasing a pair – shocking I know. I’ve recapped my thoughts on them here!

So, what are Felix Gray glasses? They are stylish specs that filter blue light, reducing digital eye strain. Ever leave a long day of work with tired, dry eyes? How about blurred vision when you’re driving home at night? These are the effects of digital eye strain. We sit so close to screens for such prolonged periods of time that the blue light starts to take a toll on our health.

What is blue light and why would I want to filter it out? Blue light is high energy light that is emitted from the screens that we interact with constantly – phones, computers, you name it. Our eyes are particularly bad at filtering this type of light, so we absorb a ton of it leading to symptoms like dry eyes, blurred vision, tired eyes, and headaches.

Should I get a pair of Felix Grays? Well, you’ll have to make that decision on your own, but I’ve highlighted the major pros and cons here to help!


  1. Stylish: Okay let’s just all admit that glasses can actually be pretty cool looking. I even had some people hassle me because they thought that was the only reason I purchased them – wrong. I have the “Roebling” style and absolutely LOVE them. The website does a great job of showing you what each pair looks like on different people so you can get a feel for whether they’d be a good look for you! Another aesthetic plus is that the lenses are basically colorless. You may be thinking well I’d hope so? But the truth is a lot of other blue light filtering glasses have a noticeable yellow tint. The Felix Grays do not which makes them that much better.
  2. Brains: Glasses = Instantaneous IQ points. Look smarter, be smarter? Yeah, let’s go with that…
  3. More Energy: The best thing about wearing these glasses is that I feel less tired after work. My eyes especially, but even just in general I come home and I’m energized enough to go to the gym and cook dinner, etc. Trust me when I say this was not always the case. It feels great to have my evenings back!
  4. Overall Eye Health: Studies show that excessive, prolonged exposure to blue light can increase your risk of macular degeneration (that’s fancy speak for vision loss). Oh and it’s incurable, so cheers to healthy eyes.


  1. Glasses are, well, glasses: It’s worth mentioning that smudging is a thing. I have to clean mine with the cloth once or twice a day. I don’t know if that’s normal or not because I’ve never worn glasses before, but wanted to give y’all a heads up. On a related note, it takes time to get used to having something on your face most of the day. For me, it took about 2 days of wear to adjust to my new specs.
  2. Price: Each pair of Felix Gray glasses is $95. This seems a bit steep to me since there are other blue light filtering glasses out there for under $50. But, what I’ve found is that you’re getting a better style selection and lenses without the yellow tint when you spend a little extra on the Felix Grays.

I can’t recommend Felix Gray glasses highly enough. In fact, I’ve told my coworkers about the concept and a few of them have hopped aboard the blue light filtering glasses train. The consensus is that the benefits are undeniable and well worth the investment. And, no, this is not sponsored in anyway – I simply really love this product and think lots of working women could benefit from this genius invention!


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2 thoughts on “Felix Gray Review – Do These Glasses Work?

  1. I love this post just reading your blog for the first time and learned something new today. I’m on my computer everyday doing homework but I so not wear glasses but I will now. No matter what age group women are in we learn something from each other in many ways.